The sex trafficking of Connecticut women, men, and children is driven by demand for the commercial sex acts they perform. Put simply, without "buyers" to purchase sex there would be no sex-for-pay industry. Who are these "buyers?" What do we know about the individuals in Connecticut who pay to sexually abuse children and exploited adults? The Trafficking in Persons Council's End Demand Campaign seeks to;

1.      Raise public awareness, 
2.      Engage local and state leaders in anti-demand efforts, 
3.      Support law enforcement in anti-demand initiatives, and
4.      Improve public policy aimed at curbing demand.

Contact Us: jgilchrest@ctcadv.org 

About the Council:

The Trafficking in Persons Council is convened by the Commission on Women, Children and Seniors and chaired by the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence (CCADV). The council consists of members from a diversity of backgrounds, including representatives from state agencies, the judicial branch, law enforcement, motor transport and community based organizations that work with victims of sexual and domestic violence and immigrants and refugees, and address behavioral health needs and social justice and human rights.